Top 5 Toys to Get Into Anal

Top 5 Toys to Get Into Anal

Top 5 Toys to Get Into Anal

Getting into anal is a pleasurable experience if both partners agree to engage on it out of the joy it brings. Both men and women are very sensitive in this area since it’s commonly used to relieve the body, as such having your anus stimulated can bring a lot of excitement and new sensations in your body.

While you can take the first steps into anal pleasure with a lot of salivae, your fingers, and some patience, you can also get some help by using additional elements to enhance the experience. In we would like to recommend the top five toys you can pick out our catalog to get intimated into anal pleasure.

A word to the wise before we begin though: all anal plays should be done with loads of lube, so buy your brand of preference before engaging into any form of anal play.

1. The Bubble Butt Player Starter Butt Plug

This 3.9 inches butt plug is the perfect tool to get initiated into anal pleasure. It’s big enough to allow your innards to feel it and slender enough to be used for continual penetration without causing damage in your rear. It’s made of 100% pure silicone, and it comes colored in black and pink colors. It can be cleaned used basic supplies such as water and soap.

2. The Bubbles Bumpy Starter Anal Plug

This 3.9 butt plug is no mere upgrade from our previous product, as you allow your anus into more stimulation, you will get hooked on the feeling and you will want to explore new ways of pleasure as well s the boundaries of your rear. The bubble bumpy anal plug is shaped very differently from our other starter product since it has a flexible tip and bubble-like body that induces new sensations as it goes in.

3. Bubble Butt Player Advanced Butt Plug

While this butt plug shares the length of our previous offerings, the 3.9 inches are presented with a rounder, sturdier shape with a diameter of 1.2 inches. It’s a tool created to expand your anus wider and allow easy penetration of a penis without complications or pain. This toy is presented both in pink and black colors, and it’s usually bought as a set with the starter plug.

4. The Booty Sparks Black Rose Anal Plug

The Booty Sparks Black Rose Anal Plug has one noticeable trait out of our vast collections of butt plugs: the top end that shows out your rear is adorned with a black rose that can be used to entice your partner to keep playing with you or to tease him until the very end. They come presented in small, medium and large sizes, all ranging from 3.9 inches to 5.5 in length as well as different diameters. It’s a top-rated product often bought in sets to allow the experience of enhanced anal plays as the entry is dilated enough for a penis to go in.

5. The American Bombshell Destroyer Large Butt Plug

This is one should be reserved when you reach peak pleasure using the previous options described on the list. This massive toy is best suited for a large fit or if your partner is well endowed. The bulbs bring a lot of tingling sensations to your body as you bury it deeper in your anus. It measures 8 inches in length and 13.5 inches in circumference, making one of the most extreme devices at our disposal for you.

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