This is How some Couples Get Pleasure from Restrain

This is How some Couples Get Pleasure from Restrain

This is How some Couples Get Pleasure from Restrain

You read the word “restraint,” and it’s not something you feel like associating with the pleasure you expect to get out of intercourse. The fact is that some couples enjoy these types of play and they make a point of restraining their partners out of their desires of fulfillment for long periods. This is very common in either straight or gay couples who wish to spice their sex life to some extent. The partner derived from pleasure it’s usually the one with the highest sex drive.

The first step of restraining is having one partner deny sex to the other with the promise of great fulfillment. If the partner experiencing restraint can withstand a negotiated time limit without any form of pleasure, he gets to experience the greatest deal of pleasure on his end. One of the best ways to apply restraining methods is by using an effective mean that impedes the other partner from masturbating to avoid cheating.

While women can wear chastity belts, men can wear a lock ring or cock cages. Any of these devices can turn a time without pleasure into a torturous experience that can only be matched with the size of the orgasm you can have after being released from it. Let’s take a look at some of the ones we have available at

The Asylum 4/6 Ring Locking Chastity Cage

This peculiar device is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a ring that can keep the balls of your partner in place. It comes with 4 or 6 rings depending on the size of your partner. The cage has a snug fit that allows a man to wear it with his regular clothes if both partners are playing the long wait game. It’s open enough to allow the proper use of the penis to get relieved, but it doesn’t enable erections. It’s a great tool to keep your man in check since the lock can only be opened with one key on your end.

The Metal Worx Cock Cage Silver

This cage has a different use than the previous one since the build is not really something that allows discretion. The cage puts the penis of your partner under the strain of being faced up for a long time. While it can block erections, the use is more aimed at guys with an unusual curvature on their junk. This cage is also equipped with a ring that holds the balls of your partner in place, and it’s kept locked with a single padlock.

The Oxballs Tailpipe Chastity Cocklock Plus Asslock

Now, this is one for the ages. This little toy can only be used by people experienced in the use of cages. It can only be used during intercourse as a tool for the arousal of the male partner on any end. It doesn’t have any locks, but the best fit can only be achieved when the one receiving it is limp enough. The rear end of this asslock places a plug in your anus that greatly stimulates it as it enters, while the lock blocks the penis from getting hard. If you manage to get an erection, you will slowly pull the rear end out of your ass for maximum pleasure. How does that sound for a ride?

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