The Power Behind a Remote Controlled Orgasm-Inducer

The Power Behind a Remote Controlled Orgasm-Inducer

The Power Behind a Remote Controlled Orgasm-Inducer

A lot of people check out the catalog of sex toys, and they get intrigued at the sight of remote-controlled devices. They are usually very slim, a few of them very flashy due to the color scheme used on them, but most of the time they are very discreet. Since you are probably here to get more information about this, let’s clear the air by explaining the deal with these remote devices.

First of all, we can state without question that these pleasure inducers can be used on your terms, but they are much more exciting when you hand over the control to your sex partner. Just picture for a minute the two of you having dinner in a fancy restaurant as you have a slim power bullet digging on your pussy very comfortably.

Suddenly a rush of adrenaline invades your body as your partner activates the buzz as you eat. You will be tempted to moan, but behaving yourself would probably be best advised. This is just one of the many fantasies that can be fulfilled with these remote devices. They are customized for all sorts of kinks and fantasies, and they can be easily placed in any part of the body.

In you can find many variations of the theme that can be used along other devices to guarantee maximum pleasure. You can use these bullets and eggs at the leisure of your home, on your own or with your partner. You can also choose to use them hidden under your clothes and hand over the remote to someone else to surprise you as you go on and do your usual things.

Some of the most popular choices on the site are the following:

The Posh X Remote Control Egg – 10 Functions Pink

This little guy bears a pink color that resembles the tenderness of many girls as well as the color of their underwear. With a tiny size of 2.4 inches in length and 1.3 inches in diameter, it can certainly go well hidden inside your pussy as you go on by your day. You can buy an extra pair and place them with medical tape on top of your nipples and activate the three of them at the same time to get a powerful rush of pleasure cursing through all your body at once. It’s a small device but very versatile!

The Power Slim Bullet Remote Control

This device bears the same functionality as the previous one but is more even in terms of overall shape. The form resembles a straight bullet, hence the name. Given the small size of it, this toy is best suited for being used outside in places such as the beach, the pool, or even as you jog. If you feel daring enough, you can use it as you are penetrated by your partner to enhance the sexual experience a ten-fold.

The Power Vibrating Butt Plug with Remote Control

There is always someone who takes their kinks one step up above the rest. People who love anal play certainly will feel this device to be a great addition to their collection. It suits both hetero and gay partners alike by offering the same functions as the previous two picks in a shape that is best suited for anal play such as the classic butt plug. The rear end of the plug is discreet enough to remain hidden as you use it dressed, but it can be a little rough if you plan on sitting for long periods.

Check these devices and let us know who well they suit you! See you later.

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